MONEY-BAND was launched for the sole purpose of providing the simplest wallet solution. Out of our own obsession of simpler solutions and tired of not having a consistent supply, we created a custom sized band, manufactured in the U.S. in small batches of natural rubber band. Typical office bands were too big or too thin, “Livestrong” bands were too stiff, and vegetable bands were too thin, brittle, and inconsistent.

In the end we were driven to create something that:
1. replaces our bulky wallet
2. fits in front pocket
3. is simple
4. is easy to use 

MONEY-BAND is not a typical rubber bandIt’s custom manufactured in small batches to our exact size and specifications. Our size and specifications are not anything you can find at your office supply stores. It’s specifically designed to fit the length of your cards and cash — it’s not designed to fit the other way around your cash. Please note the photos. Not only is it approximately 1/2 inch shorter in length than standard office rubber bands for security, it’s the right width and thickness for easy handling.

Perfect for minimalists, cyclists, climbers, travelers, runners, or anyone who wants to keep things simple or keep their wallet in the front pocket. More versatile and slimmer than a money clip. Many times slimmer and more ergonomically correct than your George Costanza hip-displacing leather variety.

Manufactured in U.S. from natural rubber.
Nothing has the elasticity, feel, and performance of natural rubber. Rubber, unfortunately, has a limited life. Exposure to heat, air, sunlight and other elements can contribute to rubber bands becoming brittle, weak, or “gummy.” Typical life span ranges from several months to over a year. If you want to know more about how rubber bands are manufactured, click here.

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